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Friday, 20 July, 4pm.
Some time has past since the last update, and there isn't much to report. The building is still approved to be built. What about the proposed challenge in the Land & Environment court? Good question! Email me with an answer or news.

Still haven't had time to put full versions of the thumbnails up on the photos page, same for fixing re Netscape. Sorry, Netscape users!

Wednesday, 27 June, 12pm.
Still haven't had time to put full versions of the thumbnails up on the photos page. Hopefully soon. Same for fixing re Netscape.

The flow of information is also drying up, so, sadly, expect fewer updates. If you've got any news then email me.

Thursday, 21 June, 4pm.
Photos of the site and surrounding area are up, in the aptly titled "Photos" section. At the moment they're only thumbnails, and (in theory) nice big 600 x 400 images (linked from each thumbnail) will be up by tomorrow pm.

Also, I realise that currently this site isn't loading properly in Netscape. Sorry about that, I hope to have it fixed over the weekend.

Wednesday, 20 June, 4pm.
Have taken a stack of photos of the site, which, if nothing else, will serve as a (hopefully) useful archive of what the shoreline looked like before our beloved council voted to grace us with this awful building. There's been quite a substantial amount of coverage in the mainstream media concerning the community's disappointment with the outcome of the vote, and it has been heartening to see so many people writing in to the Newcastle Herald to express their disappointment. If only the Lord Mayor had listened...

Expect to see the photos up by around Friday pm.

Friday, 15 June, 5pm.
The dirt . . . .

If the labor member Phil Jackson had been at the meeting then the York building proposal would have been voted against as Labor votes as a block and voted against it.

Why did he stay away from the meeting?

The two green members of council took around a rescind notice which needs three signatures in order to remove the vote for the building. Not one labor member was willing to sign it.

Could it be that in a labor town the labor components of the council wanted to be seen to be doing the right thing whilst the state Labor hierarchy (and the right wing of the Labor party particularly) wanted the development application to go through.

Nasty politics, or is that a pleonasm?

Wednesday, 12June, 11am.
With a deadlocked Council, the Lord Mayor J. Tate used his casting vote to approve the development of the York Building, despite the grave concerns of half of the Council and the publicly voiced concerns of the community. To say this is a disappointment does not even begin to touch upon the sentiments of those committed to preserving the heritage of our foreshore. Where to from here? Perhaps the land and environment court? Perhaps pick up and move to another town? Or maybe to New Lambton, where, like the Lord Mayor and several other councilors, we won't have to look upon this awful monstrosity every morning when we get out of bed?

Tuesday, 11June, 11am.
Council is scared that this issue will end up in the land and environment court. It is hard to predict whether the people opposed to the York Building or the developers are more likely to land them there. Keep posted. Tonight's the night!

Friday, 8 June, 6pm.
Council will vote on the York Building on Tuesday night. If you want to attend the meeting you can get an agenda from the City Council shopfront at Civic on Hunter Street up until 5pm Tuesday.

Why would council vote for the development?

If the development is knocked back by council, the devleopers can take it to the land and environment court. Council is particularly scared of this and openly states that it is the reason that it votes for things (such as the brothel approved on the 22nd of May meeting where this was openly stated).

This time, however, a number of organisations and private citizens believe that they can also take the council to court on this matter.

These two threats will hopefully cancel each other out in the Councillors mind and they will dismiss such fears when voting.

If you want to talk to someone at the Council about all of this then contact:
Greg Newton
Development Manager
49 74 2793

Friday, 8 June, 5.30pm.
'The Issues' page is up. Presently unformatted, but all the info is there.

Wednesday, 6 June, 12pm.
Public Voice Session was interesting. Hope to have the full story up soon. Council votes on the matter next Tuesday, on 12 June. Stay tuned.

Monday, 4 June, 6pm.
PUBLIC VOICE SESSION TOMORROW! This is very important; it is the only opportunity to have your say in an offical public forum before council votes on 12th June. Please come along and voice your concerns.

Wednesday, 30 May 6pm.
Links page up.

Friday, 25 May 4pm.
'Protest' pages up. Good pics and run-down of the protest, which started this all. Check it out.

Thursday, 24 May 12pm.
'How It Will Look' and 'About Us' are up. More to follow soon.

The most important news currently is:


There will also be a 'public voice' session where members of the public can address the council meeting on the 5TH OF JUNE (date to be confirmed).

Please come to the meetings on the 5th and 12th of June and keep up with the website on this issue right here.

For information on the meetings phone Jane Collins at Newcastle City Council on 49 742727.